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Verdite & Red Jasper Bracelet

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Made from natural Verdite and Red Jasper stone beads, this bracelet carries the vibrations of the Heart Chakra and deep emotional healing energy. Verdite is a variety of fuchsite in light tan with gorgeous teal, black and red swirling inclusions. It resonates with the heart Chakra and brings forth emotional stability, consistency and balance. It remove toxins and cleanses the blood. Some African tribes believe it assists with fertility.  Additionally, Verdite has been used to access ancient knowledge and past life recall and is frequently used in crystal grids.

Red Jasper is an excellent grounding stone and is linked to the sacral, base and Earth Chakras. Red Jasper is also a well known stone to assist with emotional equilibrium and spiritual grounding. It will help anchor you to Mother Earth with a sense of stability. These two stones combine a powerful energy of balance and harmony which complement one another beautifully.

The bracelet is finished with gold-toned accents and a decorative swirl charm to lighten your spirits and elevate your joy. Verdite beads measure 4mm, 8mm and 10mm and Red Jasper beads are 6mm each. Bracelet measures approximately 7" in diameter and is on elastic cord. One size fits most.