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Lapis Lazuli & Quartz Bracelet

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Made from natural Lapis Lazuli and snow Crystal Quartz beads, this bracelet carries the resonance of higher knowledge and intuitive gifts. Featuring beautiful blue Lapis Lazuli beads interspersed with golden Pyrite veins, this bracelet is not only stunning to wear but a powerful aid in meditation. 

Alternating Crystal Quartz beads finish out the Intuition Bracelet by amplifying the higher realms of your subconscious. Crystal Quartz has long been used an amplifier of energy and are considered high vibration crystals. It is also a Soul Star or eighth Chakra stone which represents the point above the head where Divine energy and Spiritual enlightenment enter the body. Crystal Quartz also resonates with the Crown or seventh Chakra as well as the Third Eye or sixth Chakra. Each of these Chakras plays an important role in the intuitive process.

The bracelet is finished with gold-toned accents and a Buddha charm to heighten your intuition and elevate your vibration. Bracelet measures approximately 7" in diameter and is on elastic cord. One size fits most.