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A Sensitive's Toolkit for Finding Balance and Clarity

A Sensitive's Toolkit for Finding Balance and Clarity

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A Sensitive's Toolkit for Finding Balance and Clarity is a class that was designed to address the struggles faced by energetically sensitive people such as anxiety, fear, confusion and disempowerment. Many sensitivities are so overwhelmed that it can lead to social isolation, substance abuse, depression and severe dysfunction in daily life.  In fact, some people diagnosed with mental health issues may actually be experiencing symptoms stemming from their sensitivities.* If left unresolved, sensitives may try anything to stop "feeling" so much.  There's no longer a need to struggle with this ability when you can embrace it as a true gift.

If you frequently experience any the following, you may be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or Empath.

  • Experience a sudden onset of sadness, anger or anxiety without an apparent cause.
  • Share physical pain or sensations of others within your own body.
  • Have a energetic connection to people, even those with whom you no longer  share a relationship.
  • Are deeply affected emotionally by media or global events.
  • Find public areas such as workplaces, shopping malls, hospitals, and schools energetically overwhelming to your senses, even causing migraines and physical illness.
  • Drawn to natural environments such as the mountains, sea, or forest as a place of solace and clarity of mind.
  • Sense imminent danger or trouble without knowing the source of the disturbance.
  • Often approached by strangers who share their life's story and then leave you feeling depleted.
  • Afraid to live authentically for fear of judgment or retribution by others.
  • Suffer from physical ailments for which there is no medical explanation.
  • May have turned to alcohol, drugs, or self-harm to try to numb the source of your pain or suffering.
  • Feel alone, misunderstood and unable to maintain healthy, balanced relationships.

If any of these situations resonate with you, then you may have been gifted energetic sensitivities. There are way to manage this gift to keep your strength up, your boundaries strong and be able to live your life true to your soul's journey. It all begins with creating a toolkit!  We will help you discover your gifts and how they are experienced. You'll learn what triggers your sensitivities, how to manage them, and work with reigniting your personal power and strengthening your personal and energetic boundaries. 

This class consists of a two hour lecture with ongoing exercises for strengthening your energy and creating boundaries.  A booklet highlighting the discussion material will be included with the class. Class size is limited to 14 participants and must be paid in advance to ensure an available spot.  Please use "Schedule Class" to register for your class and return to "add to cart" to pay for your class. Sessions scheduled without payment cannot be honored. 


(*This information should not be used to diagnose or treat any illness or health condition. Please seek the care of a professional medical or mental health provider.)