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Channels by Andi (Angel Readings)

Channels by Andi (Angel Readings)

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As a gifted intuitive channel, Andi brings forth messages through dowsing, clairaudience, and writing.  Her channeled messages can come from angels, spirit guides, animal totems, pets, spirits, and more.  Readings include loving thoughts, insight, reassurance, information, and tools to help give you direction in your life path, relationships, career, past lives and so much more.

Andi's goal is to help others by providing messages from the Divine, spirit, and others to give clarity and guidance for positive change in all aspects of life.

Andi has studied various spiritual modalities and topics with various mentors and teachers and recently received her Reiki Master/Teacher certification. She enjoys working with her Angelic guides and has a passion for animal communication and healing.

Andi offers half or full-hour sessions in person or remotely through Zoom meetings.


Please use "Schedule Appointment" to book your preferred time and then add the session to the cart. Bookings without payment cannot be honored.  Sessions are readings for one person at a time and cannot be combined with two or more parties.


Please note:  All intuitive readings are provided for entertainment purposes only and do not constitute professional or mental health diagnoses. Please see your healthcare provider should you require these services.

"My experiences with the readings I’ve had so far have left me with wonderful, and at times, very emotional feelings. I have to admit I carried a certain level of skepticism in the beginning because I assumed that some things that were in the past would simply stay there. . . I was comforted in the sincerity and accuracy of the information I received and it only magnified my confidence to have Andi help me after the fact in breaking down a few things I did not immediately know the meaning of. Each time I was a ball of emotions because the information was completely pure and it was in many ways exactly what I needed at those particular times." ~ Michelle W.
"My sessions with Andi have been wonderful. My chakras have been opened and my energy feels so balanced once we are finished. Her abilities to connect and relay information from my angels is very accurate. She has been able to describe things vividly to me while also helping me interpret what I need to understand. I look forward to my sessions and appreciate every moment. ~ Amber M.
"I recently had an angel reading with Andi, and was so impressed with our session! The messages that came through were very insightful, helpful, and relevant to what has currently been happening in my life. It was so impactful that I decided to get a session for my mother as well. Her husband had recently passed and she was hoping to reconnect with him and get some final answers, and she did! My mom was so incredibly delighted with the results of this meeting. Also, my stepfather sent her some humorous and intimate messages that only my mother would understand, and this truly lifted her spirits and gave her so much joy! Thank you so much, Andi, for sharing these special gifts!" ~ Lauren G.