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Fundamentals of Psychic Protection

Fundamentals of Psychic Protection

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Through our everyday lives, we often encounter negative energy from our environment and the people we meet. While it is common, we do not want to be affected by those energies that are not positive and uplifting. Learning to understand your boundaries, energy fields, and psychic protection can help to shield you from the draining elements of others and your environment.


This workshop will help you understand the reasons for psychic protection and teach you how to set boundaries with others. It will show you step-by-step how to cleanse your aura and energy field, how to keep your home free of negativity, and how to protect yourself from outside negative influences. You will be shown tools that can be utilized to shift and release heavy or oppressive environments easily. 

This workshop is highly recommended to those in the medical or healing arts (nurses, massage therapists, counselors, lightworkers) or those who work one-on-one with customers (hair stylists, salespersons, customer service agents) because of their high level of exposure to other people.


Your hosts for this workshop are Sapphyre (Reiki Master Teacher and Akashic Record Guide) and Andi (Reiki Master Teacher and Angel Intuitive).


Important:  Please arrive on time or earlier, as doors will be closed five minutes after the event begins to set the room's energy.  No one will be admitted during this time.