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Introduction to Plant Medicine

Introduction to Plant Medicine

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This class begins a journey through Mother Nature's most powerful medicine - PLANTS!  By understanding how these natural resources can enhance, strengthen and heal many common (and UNCOMMON) ailments.

We will discover how to locate the most available and sustainable sources for plant and herbal materials. The workshop will explore understanding the correspondences of plant medicine to the human body, differentiating proper treatment methods and uses for plant supplementation, and references to the most commonly grown herbal and plant materials.

This class consists of an hour and half of lecture with ongoing practical demonstrations and examples of various remedies and treatment options .  A booklet highlighting the discussion and reference material will be included with the class. Class size is limited to 14 participants and must be paid in advance to ensure an available spot.  Please use "Schedule Class" to register for your class and then return to "add to cart" to complete checkout.  Sessions scheduled without payment cannot be honored. 

(*This information should not be used to diagnose or treat any illness or health condition. Please seek the care of a professional medical or mental health provider.)