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Intuitive Readings by Leilani Opuai

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BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL - $20 Readings for 15 minutes (Friday Only!)

Special Guest Reader! Evolve Alchemy is pleased to offer intuitive readings by spiritual channel and psychic medium Leilani Opuai. Leilani is gifted with clairvoyance (sight) and clairaudience (hearing) to communicate with Spirits, Guides, and departed souls.  These messages can come through direct channeled messages, tarot, drumming, or other intuitive tools. 

Your message may come through from Spirit Guides, Ancestors, or departed loved ones. If you have a certain intention for your session, you may wish to focus on that prior to your appointment as it may help facilitate your reading. Please keep in mind an openness to receiving these types of messages can assist in bringing forth clear and accurate impressions from Spirit.

Often Leilani's messages offer clarity of mind, loving reassurance, and guidance for the future.  Please use "Sign Up" to book your preferred time and then add the session to your cart. Bookings without payment cannot be honored. Sessions are readings for one person at a time and cannot be combined with two or more parties.

 Please note:

All intuitive readings are provided for entertainment purposes only and do not constitute professional or mental health diagnoses. Please see your healthcare provider should you require these services.