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Unlock Your Inner Oracle:  The Ultimate Guide to Dowsing & Pendulum Mastery

Unlock Your Inner Oracle: The Ultimate Guide to Dowsing & Pendulum Mastery

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Have you ever found yourself captivated by the enigmatic sway of a pendulum or excited to see an expert locate underground water sources? Have you wondered how this seemingly simple object could be imbued with such multifaceted uses—from locating lost objects to facilitating spiritual communication? If so, you're in the right place. This comprehensive course unveils the secrets behind dowsing with a pendulum and dowsing rods and takes it a step further by incorporating advanced techniques like muscle testing. Offering a harmonious blend of theoretical discussion and practical hands-on training, this class is designed to equip you with skills that have applications far beyond the spiritual realm.

Why You Should Attend:

This course is not just a superficial exploration; it is a deep dive into the realm of dowsing and energy work. Whether you are a beginner who has just discovered the allure of pendulums or an experienced practitioner seeking to refine your skills, this class offers a multi-level approach to mastering a fascinating tool and skill set.

Learn to:

  • Locate Lost Objects: Discover the age-old technique of using a pendulum to find misplaced items.
  • Access Your Higher Self: Unlock methods for tuning into your intuition and higher consciousness.
  • Make Difficult Decisions: Learn how to tap into the pendulum's wisdom for decision-making processes that you find challenging.
  • Communicate with Your Spirit Guides: Gain techniques for using your pendulum as a medium for spiritual interaction.
  • Select Healthy Food and Lifestyle Choices: Leverage dowsing to identify the foods and habits that resonate with your unique energy signature.
  • Discover Water Elements or Ley Lines: Understand how to work with dowsing rods to locate water sources and ley lines or magnetic disturbances in the ground or on properties.
  • Heal with Crystals or Reiki: Incorporate your pendulum into holistic health practices, elevating your energy healing capabilities.
  • Check Your Chakra System: Master the art of assessing and balancing your chakras through pendulum dowsing.
  • Focus and Direct Energy: Explore how to concentrate energy flows for various applications.
  • Muscle Testing: Expand your dowsing proficiency by learning muscle testing techniques, adding a new dimension to your skill set.

Workshop includes:

  • A comprehensive reference guide to enhance your at-home practices.
  • A crystal quartz pendulum for your hands-on sessions.
  • Two hours of in-depth discussion and exercises covering programming a pendulum, dowsing with rods, as well as an introduction to muscle testing.


None! Whether you're an inquisitive beginner or an experienced dowser, this class is open to all who wish to unlock the multifaceted powers of pendulum dowsing and energy work.

Class size is limited to 14 participants and must be paid in advance to ensure an available spot.