Exploring Psychometry – Evolve Alchemy
Meditation & Sacred Space is this Saturday at 10:30 am. Come chill with us!
Exploring Psychometry

Exploring Psychometry

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Saturday, August 20th, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm 

Evolve Alchemy is pleased to present an opportunity to hone your intuitive ability by learning to work with Psychometry. Psychometry is the art of receiving information about inanimate objects by touching them. It is a form of scrying or divination that focuses on the energy the owner has projected into that object. Objects can be a piece of jewelry, a personal item such as a notebook or scarf, or even a photograph or gravestone.  Those energies can be picked up and "read" by touching and holding the object. Information can be gathered through images, smells, emotions, sounds, or any sense linked to memories or feelings.


This workshop is offered to help our customers understand and improve their intuitive skills. Your hosts for this workshop are Sapphyre (Reiki Master Teacher & Akashic Record Guide) and Andi (Reiki Master Teacher & Angel Intuitive) who will assist you in understanding and connecting with your natural perception ability. 


Please bring a personal object from a departed loved one or heirloom for reading by the class.  We do not recommend bringing high-value items or fragile momentos as they will be handled by the group.


Important:  Please arrive on time or earlier as doors will be closed five minutes after the event begins to set the energy of the room.  No one will be admitted during this time.