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Serpentine & Quartz Bracelet

Serpentine & Quartz Bracelet

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Made from natural serpentine stone and accented with genuine clear crystal quartz beads, this bracelet carries the vibrations of Chakra healing and Kundalini releasing energy. Serpentine was prized by the ancients as a powerful healing stone, protecting the body from poisons and providing cellular regeneration. Serpentine is helpful in purifying the heart and lungs and is associated with the 4th Chakra. Quartz crystal is a well known amplifier of energy and will aid in strengthening your will. The bracelet is finished with silver-toned accents and a Celtic knot charm.

Serpentine beads measure 10mm and quartz beads are 7mm each. Bracelets measures approximately 7" in diameter and is on elastic cord. One size fits most.