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Sound Bath Immersion with Chelsea

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 This month's sound bath features a  FULL MOON Activation.

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Join Us for a Transformative Experience!

Join Chelsea and Evolve Alchemy for our inaugural Sound Bath Immersion event and experience the healing powers of crystal singing bowls. Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds and relax your mind, body, and spirit. Let the vibrations wash over you, clearing your energy field and soothing your senses.

Dive into the tranquil world of sound healing with Chelsea, an expert in blending the melodious charm of crystal singing bowls with her profound knowledge of music and wellness. This unique Sound Bath Immersion is more than just a musical journey; it's a holistic experience designed to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

Why Join Our Sound Bath Immersion?

- 🎵 Harmonious Healing: Experience the soothing power of crystal singing bowls. Their musical tones are not just heard, but felt, creating a deep sense of relaxation.
- 💆‍♀️ Stress Relief: The sound vibrations work like a deep cellular massage, helping to release stress and tension from your body.
- 🌈 Emotional Release: Facilitates the release of negative emotions and blockages, paving the way for emotional well-being.
- 🔋 Energy Shift: Sound vibrations can profoundly alter your energetic state, promoting balance and harmony.
- 🧠 Mental Clarity: Helps in clearing the mind, leading to improved focus and a sense of peace.

Meet Your Guide, Chelsea:
- 🎓 Bachelor's Degree in Music Education
- 🏫 Experienced Elementary Educator
- 🎼 Provides Private Music Lessons
- 🧘‍♀️ Registered Yoga Instructor
- 🌟 SEL*F Wellness Facilitator
- 💎 Reiki Level I Practitioner and Level II Crystal Bowl Practitioner

Future sound baths will be held highlighting seasonal celebrations or Earth/Moon-based elements. Look for a new session each month.

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