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Exploring Change with Courage

There are those who shutter when the word “change” is spoken. Yet why does this word instill such fear in us? Change can upset our daily routine and cause unfamiliar circumstances and uneasy emotions to surface. What many people do not realize is that change is frequently the catalyst for amazing personal transformation by connecting their lives with enhanced knowledge and experiences that strengthen their health and spirituality in ways they’ve never imaged.

When change presents itself in your life, look to the reason behind it rather than allowing it to cause anxiety. Is it a transition in your work environment? A fleeting relationship? Financial losses? Frequently, these are the Universe’s “wake up calls” to move you along the proper life trajectory. The changes may seem very intimidating initially, but more often than not, they will propel your life in the directing that aligns with your soul’s desires. For example, you may have been laid off from your long-term job. But in looking upon it, you dreaded going into the office each day and preforming the same mind-numbing task day in and day out. It left you feeling very restricted and there was no opportunity to move up the promotional ladder. Now you have the freedom to explore your desire to help others by studying nursing full-time. You are even eligible for paid college tuition and training due to the shortage of skilled staff in the area. See how releasing things which are misaligned in your life can benefit you and others?

The opportunity for change may also manifest in your personal relationships whether family, career or romantic. Perhaps you and your partner are constantly arguing, cause a disruption in your happiness and the peace within your home environment. It might be hard to walk away because of financial issues or the time you’ve invested in the relationship. But ultimately, your health – emotional, physical and mental – is being compromised. Your unhappiness is impacting the lives of your children, your family and your co-workers. Its negative effects are rippling outward to everyone you know, and everything you encounter. It can affect your concentration, sleep cycle and metabolism.

If you wake up each morning and cannot see the joy in it, it’s time for some changes. Wait – not scary ones, but small ones that will assist in bringing forth more happiness and synchronicity into your life. Some examples of changes that can be easily implemented are:

  •  Try an ethnic inspired dish. Taste the flavors of unique spices and produce that you’ve never tried. Ask your waiter about the dish, what’s in it, how it’s created and where it originated. In the process you may learn more about the region, its people and their culture.
  • Choose an alternate route along your commute. Explore some new scenery and notice new places to visit along the way.
  • See another’s point of view. Conflict often arises from misunderstandings over expectations. Find out why people think certain ways, how their experiences have shaped their beliefs and what makes them passionate in their views.
  • Volunteer your time. There are numerous causes that need people to help facilitate their mission. Use your skills to help market, make repairs, or fund raise for your favorite charity. The upside is not just lending a hand but affecting other’s quality of life and appreciating the blessings you have in yours.
  • Go back to school! It’s not all bad…you can learn a new trade, get your GED, improve your marketability in your workplace, or completely change your career. Spend a bit of time online to find grants and scholarships to help you grow while saving money.
  • Get out there. Go to events or organizations that you’ve always been interested in learning about - Salsa dancing, yoga, home repairs, Peace Corps, travel groups, or power lifting. It will expand your circle of friends, enhance your knowledge and encourage physical health.

Keep in mind, even slight changes in your life will bring in new experiences, and over time will draw new energies to you. The larger the implementation of change, the more the impact will be felt. Embrace the opportunities around you when they present themselves. And know that doing what feels frightening and edgy is usually exactly what your soul is needing in the moment.

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