Evolve Alchemy's Policy of Ethics
We are closed on Thanksgiving Day, but open 10-6 Friday through Saturday.

Evolve Alchemy's Policy of Ethics

It is our pleasure to inform you as a customer of our Policy of Ethics for our services. Please review carefully.

  • We will not sell, disclose or release your private information under any circumstances unless subpoenaed by legal means.
  • We will not provide tarot readings for third parties without their expressed written consent.
  • We will not provide readings for anyone under the age of 18 without expressed written consent of their parent or guardian.
  • We will not do readings on legal inquiries, how or when you will die, and your medical conditions. These are best suited for your lawyer or physician.
  • We will be respectful on you and your inquiries and treat you with courtesy and in a professional manner.
  • We will offer you the best value for your purchase and not upsell you with items or readings you do not need.
  • We will interpret your reading with sensitivity and compassion, however we advise you that we will not "sugar-coat" what we see in the cards. It is unethical and unfair to falsely represent what we read in the tarot. Sometimes, the cards offer cautions and insights that may not always be what you are expecting, but nonetheless should be brought to light.
  • We take a great deal of time and energy to prepare your reading so please allow appropriate time for our response. Please be patient.

In keeping with current governmental regulations, we must disclose that all tarot readings, energy healing and advisement are for entertainment purposes only. Our offerings are not intended as a substitute for medical, mental health, legal or financial advice. Please seek the proper professionals for types of assistance. 

All crystals, stones and jewelry attributes consist of knowledge based on metaphysical and spiritual uses and is not intended to cure any illness or disease.

As lightworkers, we believe in providing our clients with knowledge for living life with a Higher Purpose. May your path be clear and your future bright!