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Wellness Workshop with Chelsea

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New Monthly Event!

Start the year with Self Care in our new Wellness Workshop:
Breathe for Beginnings - Setting intentions with clarity and purpose.


Join Chelsea and Evolve Alchemy for our first monthly Wellness Workshop. These workshops help you connect with your body/mind/spirit through grounding practices, mindful movement, breathwork, mindfulness techniques, community connection, self-reflection dialogue, and shared experiences. 

 In this hour-long workshop, we will recenter ourselves after the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season and tune in to our intentions for the New Year!

You may wish to bring a notebook/journal, pen, and water for hydration. Please dress in comfortable clothing as there are physical movements in the workshop. No prior training is required. Yoga mats are available for use.

This donation-based event is the perfect opportunity to achieve inner balance and rejuvenation. Please reserve only one space per attendee so that others may enjoy the event.