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Residential Property Clearing

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A home is your largest investment and a reflection of your lifestyle. When you first walked in the door, you knew right away that this was where you wanted to be. You and your property shared an energetic likeness that felt welcoming, safe and peaceful.

Over time, we as individuals change energetically. It affects everything we come in contact with including our home. Occasionally, those shifts in energy attract similar patterns that alter the peace and stability that the property once upheld. These patterns can appear as a dense, "heavy" feeling or one of dread. You may find certain areas of your home feel unpleasant or negative and no longer want to go into them. You may even see glimpses of shadows or feel like you are not alone even when you are the only person home.

These types of energetic changes can affect your well-being both emotionally and physically. You may find yourself or family members sick more often, depressed, or even acting as though they were someone else. There may also be more arguments and strife within the family.

Property Clearing is a process that reviews the energetic statement of your home, whether it be a house, apartment, land or trailer. This type of clearing can be performed on the property regardless whether you own, rent or are in the process of selling it as a realtor. This is especially important it you are trying to sell or lease it as potential buyers will instinctively "feel" unwelcome in the property.

A Property Clearing takes about an hour and is performed remotely.  Allow 3-4 days to research the property and clear it.  Please use "Schedule Appointment" to book your preferred time and then add session to cart. Scheduled appointments without payment cannot be honored.