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Copy of Product & Service Recommendations

Below are several products and services I personally have used and recommend for practitioners start out. Each item shown had proven to be well-made, moderately priced and held up very well over the years. I do make a very small commission on these items through affiliate links, but this does not increase the purchase price whatsoever.


Massage Tables - Many massage tables are not suited for Reiki practitioners because the table leg configurations do not allow someone to be seated at either end of the table. Keep this in mind when selecting a table so that it will fully support all hand positions with Reiki.


 Rolling Massage Table Stool - I prefer a backless chair for ease of mobility and smooth, quiet rolling during a session. These are a real back saver!


Sheets Sets - I keep a supply of at least 5 sets on hand. These sheets hold up well with frequent washing and drying. They are warm and soft to the touch and don't fray or pill like some other brands. They are also easy to put on the table quickly between clients. I change out these with each client as should you.


Face Cradle Covers - Covers the face cradle for hygienic purposes to prevent makeup and other stains on your cradle cover. Can also be used across a small pillow for a quick change between clients.



Ordained Minister - Becoming a minister will provide you with the opportunity to counsel others spiritually through hands-on sacred touch. This is a non-denominational church that accepts all applications for ministers without prejudice. There is not a fee to join and you can sign up in under five minutes online. 


Professional Reiki Memberships - Membership in the International Association of Reiki Practitioners provides access to quality information of enhancing and promoting your Reiki practice, links to liability insurance, certificates, and other Reiki related items as well as inclusion in their online membership directory. Great for developing both your knowledge base and your practice.