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Embracing Spiritual Growth in an Adversarial Environment

One of the most frequent comments heard when a someone first enters Evolve Alchemy is "You're going to think I'm crazy but...". Sadly, when speaking about spiritual experiences, most people feel there is going to be an attached judgement.  And they are correct. Why is our society so quick to dismiss real and meaningful occurrences in our beliefs? 

It begins from birth. We are brought up to believe in the dogma taught by our parents, society norms, social stigma, schools, and religious leaders that we are not free to think for ourselves. Not free to chose what makes sense in our minds, what resonates with our feelings and impressions of the outer world. We are shut down and our sensitivities are dampened when they are most valuable and heightened. As we grow from infancy into early childhood, we are told that we imaged that shadow, that the spirits we converse with are imaginary friends.

Into our teen years, we realize that sharing this information about ourselves puts us at risk for criticism, ridicule and alienation. We take our spiritual beliefs underground and hide them in our drawers, closets and hearts.  Those who share the gifts of empathy understand the great loss of connectiveness in our world. For those who have been lucky enough to find a safe place to blossom, the pursuit of knowledge is an unending journey.

So how do we regain our power in an environment determined to deaden our senses? We must find our inner strength to push past the dogma that has stunted our growth spiritually. Understand that the closed mind will never accept new information. We therefore must live the life we are meant to live without the restrictions of society. Others may not get it, they may not like your choices, but you can wake up each day knowing that you are authentic.

A few thoughts that may help to empower you:

  • You can not live your life for others. You are unique and have gifts that are present to assist your growth in this moment.
  • We have zero control over outside influences and choices. Our ability to control our reactions is all that we possess.
  • Gifts are empathy are best when shared but not to the extent that they deplete your energy. Boundaries can be established to protect your personal power.
  • The ability of prophecy is a powerful tool that can change lives, yours and others. Use it wisely with the understanding that it is not fixed, but fluid, changing and morphing with your choices.
  • Energy is attracted to “like” energy. Lower vibrational energy will draw low energetic sources and attachments. However, higher vibrational spectrums will bring in higher energy beings and spirits. Choose your energy carefully!
  • Remain judgement-free. You can not know what someone has experienced fully and understand their relationship with it. Be respectful and learn more about how they see their world.
  • Never assume that something is negative until you can verify it. Often, energy is just simply that, energy. Not good, not bad, just present. We tend to shape it within our own environment.
  • The only true mistake we may make as souls in the human incarnation is imposing on the free will of others. This is not ours to enforce upon another soul. We are only responsible, as are they, for our individual choices.




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