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How to Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet

With not only a new year but a new decade dawning, it’s time to shake loose the old rigid patterns of behavior and try on something new.  Try these on:

  • Everything is energy – thoughts, words and deeds. Make them positive and uplifting!
  • You create your OWN reality. If you believe that you can be successful, abundant and happy, you will attract this into your life.
  • Be responsible for your own misgivings. Don’t blame others. Own your choices and learn from the ones that don’t produce the results you want.
  • Ask for help! The Universe is waiting to assist. Reach out to your guides, Spirit and the Angels.
  • Spread love. Sometimes we get angry because we can’t understand another’s situation. Love and compassion can warm your soul and THEIRS.
  • You’re only Human – NOT. You are Spirit and here to explore humanity, enjoy the ride.
  • Learn more about yourself – your dreams, your faults, your limits, your natural talents, and embrace them.
  • Aim to be a little better each and every day, recognizing your growth and expansion.
  • Take it easy. Don’t miss watching your kids or garden grow by burying yourself in work. Enjoy the moments that are fleeting.

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  • This a right n point! Thank you so much for your wonderful services. Happy New Year! And may you continue to be blessed and keep the great energy flowing!


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