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Life Situation Reading (Akashic Follow-Up) on ZOOM

Life Situation Reading (Akashic Follow-Up) on ZOOM

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The Life Situation Reading is a natural path for those who have had their Akashic Record reading session.  Once the past blocks and restrictions have been cleared out, you may find new areas of concern. This is ongoing work and can be done every few months to keep the part clear for manifesting. We examine what is going on in your life at that time in the Akashic record to determine what's changed, the best course of action, and what can be cleared. 

To book a session, pick the date and time that suits your needs, then add to the cart to pay for your reading. 

Consider adding a "Chakra Analysis" to your reading as a baseline for your overall Chakra health on a physical, emotional, and mental aspect. Book with your Akashic reading to save $60 off the regular price! Learn more about it here.