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Big Little Book of Magick by D.J. Conway

Big Little Book of Magick by D.J. Conway

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A bestselling Wiccan author explains how to enlighten and empower oneself using four different types of magick: pendulums, altars, candles, and healing spells.

 A compilation of four popular titles in the Little Book of Magic series, The Big Little Book of Magick shows spiritual readers how to integrate magick into their lives and benefit from its many powers. The pendulum section discusses how to expand one's psychic abilities and make the right decisions using tarot cards, crystals, and astrology. Next, Conway describes in detail how to construct an effective altar and transform it into a sacred space. The following section explores the magickal uses of candles, sharing spells and rituals for improving one's life spiritually, physically, materially, and romantically. Lastly, the healing section introduces some of the most potent and popular magickal means of restoring or achieving good health. Filled with helpful diagrams, drawings, charts, glossaries, and appendices, this enlightening how-to guide is a must-have for readers who are looking to enliven, enrich, and enchant their everyday existence.