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Reiki Sessions

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Reiki (pronounced RAY-kee) is an ancient Japanese healing technique that channels energy from the practitioner to the client.  When the body's energy centers, or Chakras, are blocked or restricted, it can manifest as pain, limited movement, or other unfavorable symptoms, often leading to other illnesses.  By clearing these blockages, the energy or "chi" can flow throughout the body freely, allowing the manifestations it caused to be released and removed. 

Each Reiki session lasts approximately 60 minutes and focuses on specific energy centers of the body.  An initial consultation with a Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner will be held before your session to determine your needs and the best methods to assist with your concerns.  Please use "Schedule Appointment" to book your preferred time, return to the website, and add the session to the cart.  Scheduled appointments without payment cannot be honored and are subject to cancelation.

Want to schedule several sessions while saving money over the single session price?  Purchase a three-pack which is suitable for sessions scheduled within six months from the original purchase date.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Is Reiki safe?

A) Reiki is gentle enough for babies, pregnant women, the elderly, and animals.  Reiki energy is an intelligent energy that goes where it is needed and at a level that is appropriate for optimal healing.  There are no side effects.  It can be used to complement traditional medical care, but please check with your health care provider first.

Q) Does it hurt?

A) Since Reiki is a noninvasive process, you should not feel any pain.  You may experience slight, temporary discomfort while the energy recalibrates within the Chakra system.  It should be released quickly and allow more energy to move through those areas to assist in healing.

Q) What happens during a Reiki session?

A) The Reiki Master will review your intake form and discuss any specific issues you would like to focus.  You will lay down on a massage table fully clothed except for your shoes.  The Reiki Master will scan your body for any energy fluctuations.  They will work on each chakra using Reiki hands-on positions and symbols.  If you are uncomfortable with touch, the process can be done directly over the body.  The effects of Reiki will not be diminished. 

You may experience brief periods of heat, cold, pulsations, tingling, and feelings of floating or peacefulness.  These represent the movement of energy throughout the body's median, or chakra, system.  Some people do not feel anything but rest assured the Reiki is flowing through them and will continue to clear and move blockages for the next few days. 

Q) Is this considered a religious practice or tied to any specific faith?

A) No, Reiki's origin was discovered by a Japanese monk named Mikao Usui but is not linked to any religious observation or group.  It is similar to meditating and may be used as a relaxing, alternative healing, or spiritual practice. 

Q) What is a Reiki Master Teacher?

A) There are four "levels" of Reiki - Level 1 Reiki Practitioner, Level 2 Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Level 3 Reiki Master, and Level 4 Reiki Master Teacher.  A Reiki Master Teacher has studied and practiced Reiki methods for years, following a very formal lineage of masters and teachers from the origin of Usui Reiki in Japan.  Throughout their training, they have been individually mentored by their Teacher, learning advanced techniques, receiving numerous energy attunements and hand symbols, and working with complex healing strategies and other modalities to complement your Reiki session.  As a result, they have excelled at the Teacher level, where they can teach and mentor others to be Reiki practitioners and Masters.