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Relationship Reading on ZOOM

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Introducing the Relationship Reading, a transformative service that delves into the deeper connections of relationships at a soul level. Our unique sessions are not just about understanding relationships; they are about experiencing them from a profound, soul-centric perspective. Whether it’s a romantic partnership, a parent-child bond, sibling ties, business collaborations, or deep friendships, our readings are versatile and inclusive.

At the core of our service is the insight into how relationships contribute significantly to personal growth and experience. We specialize in identifying and addressing energetic blocks and restrictions that could be hindering your relationships. Our approach is holistic, looking beyond the surface to uncover the soul-level dynamics at play.

A Relationship Reading is an enlightening journey into the heart of your connections. We explore the intricate compatibilities and potential challenges within your relationships. A fascinating aspect of our reading is the exploration of past life histories that many souls in close relationships often share. We help you uncover these connections and clear any lingering blocks, paving the way for a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.

Our goal is to empower you and your connection to view each other from a Soul perspective. This understanding helps in recognizing the reasons behind choosing to experience life together. It's an opportunity to acknowledge, address, and clear any obstacles affecting your relationship, leading to a deeper understanding and stronger bond.

Embrace the chance to discover the dynamics of your relationships with Relationship Reading. Let us guide you in transforming and enriching your connections at a soul level.

It is preferred that both parties are involved in and attend the session, but NOT required. The Relationship Reading takes about two hours but can run up to three hours depending on the volume of information received from your record. The reading is provided by ZOOM meeting online. All sessions are set up as Central Standard Time (CST) so please adjust to your local time zone. An audio recording of your reading will also be included for your reference.

Please allow 3-4 days to research your Akashic Records and prepare your Relationship Reading. Please see the calendar below to book your preferred time and complete the Reading Request Form that follows to submit your information. Return to the top of the page and "Add to Cart" to proceed to checkout. Scheduled appointments without payment cannot be honored. 

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* Please note that certain parameters are needed to access the record.