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Soul Realignment® Reading

Soul Realignment® Reading

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A Soul Realignment ® reading is a profile of your soul from its creation at the Divine level to the current incarnation in your human form.  Taken from the Akashic Records, which houses all past, current and future information contained in your soul records, it can assist and uncover blocks to love, abundance, and happiness. When you feel "stuck" or negative things keep coming up in your life, it's time for an extensive review of your what your soul is experiencing.

Discover the true nature of your being, what inherent gifts you've been given, how many guides you have, learn about your soul's origination and what energies and characteristics it reflects. 

A Soul Realignment® reading takes about an hour and can be provided by phone or online conference call. A recording of your reading will also be included for your reference. Please use the Reading Request Form to submit your question(s) and information. Allow 3-4 days to research your Akashic Records and prepare your soul profile reading.